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Allison Conlon

'Ghost Trees' Oil on Clayboard, Framed


'Ghost Trees' is a beautifully intricate oil painting by Allison Conlon.  This painting is part of Allison's 'Found Forest Series' and was exhibited at the RWA 2023 Annual Exhibition Bristol.

Medium: Oil On Clay board, dark mahogany stained wood tray frame

Dimensions with Frame: 37 cm x 29cm x 5cm 

Allison Conlon was born in the northeast of England where she studied art and fashion design before a brief career in retail and interior design. She now lives and works as a full time artist in Saffron Walden, near Cambridge.

Drawing has always been at the centre of her practice, which is very evident in her current body of work ‘Found Forest’. Her paintings reflect the true beauty and intricate detail of nature. They have a contemporary feel in composition, reflective of the photorealist genre; yet capture an almost dreamlike atmosphere. With this combination her paintings come alive and have a timeless presence!

‘The flora of my surroundings is at the centre of my practice. Flowers, trees and the landscape all feature heavily in my work.

My practice is constantly evolving; experimenting with different mediums and surfaces, adding multiple layers of paint or scraping back into those layers to create texture and depth. This technique is very distinctive in the ‘Found Forest’ series. This current work is very detailed and photographic, with a limited colour palette. The aim is to capture the stillness, light and atmosphere of the landscape, frozen in that moment. Bringing it to the highest level of expression.’