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Sarah Foat

After graduating with a Fine Art degree from Bath Spa University College in 1998, Sarah ran her own art gallery for 10 years exhibiting and selling contemporary craft alongside her own artwork. Since returning to her artwork after becoming a mother, she is now pursuing her passion for abstract painting.

"My recent paintings have been inspired by a piece of graffiti that I regularly walk past on the school-run. I have always been fascinated by the layers of previous graffiti tags, vivid colours and beautiful close-up compositions.

I use acrylics to explore textures and colours reminiscent of graffiti, with a continual process of applying and removing paint in order to reveal glimpses of previous layers. I enjoy experimenting with mark-making and investigating contrasts, not only with colour but also texture, tone, line and space. I hope in some way to capture my vision of the beautiful essence of graffiti in my paintings."

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