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Little Paper Factory

"The notion of the little paper factory is something of a romantic story and came about when two like-minded people fell in love, one was a hopeless romantic with a passion for collecting and the other a talented and creative craftsperson with an eye for detail. With a number of common interests and the need to be creative it was only a short while before they started collaborating on art projects and with it came the realisation that perhaps, with just a little bit of luck they might be able to earn a few pennies doing something they both loved. And so it was that the little paper factory was formed. It's early days in the story but do please join them as the adventure unfolds!"
Using the traditional Japanese skill called Kirigami (which can best be described as cutting and folding paper) Little Paper Factory create intricate scenes of buildings and constructions. Each pieces cries out to be poured over and explored with new things to be discovered each time.
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