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Julija Pustovrh

Stoneware Cup


These lovely large ceramic cups are made from a mix of stoneware clay creating a beautiful marbled effect. Glazed on the inside and around the rim for a practical smooth finish on the lips but the outside of the cup has been left unglazed meaning that when you pick it up you feel the natural texture of the clay itself.  

All the items in this collection are made with mixed recycled clays and have a mix of Scottish sand from remote coasts in Scottish Islands and Highlands*.

9cm Diameter, approx
8cm Heigh, approx

Holds approx, 250ml


*Harris, Lewis, Skye, Orkney Islands, Shetlands, Islay, Sutherland, Inverness, Malaig, West coast, East coast, Aberdeenshire, Fife, Lothian, Holy Island, Edinburgh, North Berwick, Musselburgh, St Andrew's, and others.