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Wheat Wrap - White


This microwaveable wheat wrap, filled with a therapeutic mix of Cotswold lavender and wheat helps to ease aches and pains. The soft waffle fabric is soft to the touch perfect for wrapping around your shoulders, neck or back to help soothe aches and pains.
It can be used hot or cold.


Wrap length when open 47cm

Cover - 100% Cotton
Made in the UK 

- Sponge clean
- Leave to fully cool before storing
- Complies with BS 8433:2004

How to Use & Safety:
To use Warm
- Place wheat wrap in a microwave on full heat for a maximum of 1-2 minutes, please note timings will vary depending on your microwave. Do NOT over heat. Always keep an eye on the wrap while heating and look out for signs of over heating such as smell of burning or smoke.
- Check temperature isn't too hot before placing on skin. 
- Leave to fully cool between uses
- Do not place on sensitive skin or open wounds
- Do not place under bead covers or cover wrap in other material as can cause over heating. 
- Good for treating aches and pains. 

To Use Cool
- Place wrap in a sealed plastic bag and put in freezer for at least two and half hours. 
- Good fro treating bruising of swelling

* Not suitable for children under